M&A Data Base

  • Coverage of all mergers & acquisitions over €10m involving a European party.
  • Unique data sets including synergy breakdowns, industry specific multiples and offer tracking.
  • Enhanced bid premia data allowing unrivalled analysis of European Public takeovers.
  • Comprehensive commentaries on all deals with deal documentation attached as standard.
  • Real time updating of deals

M&A Monitor's unique M&A database provides a comprehensive study of each transaction with unparalleled, detailed analysis. Our analysis provides the user with exclusive data surrounding the type of deal, its competitive status and many other details designed to assist users in identifying precedent transactions.

Our enhanced bid premia system allows users to track share price data going back several years for each target, providing open, high, low, close, VWAP and volumes on a daily basis. This system gives clients an unmatched ability to interrogate bid premia calculations and set their own parameters for comparison purposes.

In addition M&A Monitor now operates a "live" deal system which allows new deals and changes to deals to be instantly shown on our website, giving our clients the most up to date transaction information as well as the most reliable.

Product examples

M&A Monitor provides analysis of mergers & acquisitions in two main formats:

Transaction Reports

Detailed analysis of single transactions typically include:

  • Commentary on the transaction outlining the structure of the deal, the parties involved, reasons for the transactions
  • Market reaction, if any, giving a synopsis of how the market perceived the deal
  • Company details outlining the activities of the target and historical performance where available
  • Summarised accounts of the target
  • Payment details which provide a breakdown of the consideration paid and debt assumed
  • Transaction multiples comprising (where available) three equity value multiples (Price/Sales, Price/Earnings and Price/Book) and three enterprise value multiples (EV/Sales, EV/EBITDA, EV/EBIT)

See a sample transaction report

Transaction Tables

Tables of peer group transactions containing basic information on each deal together with the relevant multiples.

  • Three transaction tables are available showing the Price multiples, Enterprise Value multiples or in the case of public transactions, Bid Premia figures
  • To view examples of these reports and tables click on the links on the side of this page

See a sample multiples table

Covers European mergers & acquisitions and provides unrivalled depth of analysis.

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Covers European mergers & acquisitions and provides unrivalled depth of analysis.

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Instantly reads and databases Rule 8.3 announcements to allow ease of use, alerting and analysis.

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